Soapstone Design Ideas – Kitchen Part 7

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Countertops, flooring, cookware, bricks, tiles, soapstone can appear  in any situation like one of these. Another use that I really like it is the”  work area “. Its a small slab, like 2400 cm2 , which you can work with all ingredients that you might need. In this example I got this picture from GeD cucine , a fantastic italian company, and I added the element that I am talking.

If you are thinking in import some soapstone slabs, from our exclusive quarry or just need more information, send an email to us.


from GeD cucine


Is it too much soapstone ?

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…I don’t think so….look what I found, from CosentinoSwiss

Picture 1

Soapstone Fireplace Huge Block

•June 17, 2009 • 1 Comment

Montegrappa is one of the most incredible fireplace companies in Europe, they added some italian touch , a great design taste and modern lines to increase the quality of their products. This fireplace is very modern, what about this huge soapstone structure on it ? I think its gorgeous…


from Caminetti Montegrappa

Soapstone Wall and Fireplace

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Directly from Europe , Wittus , a danish company, wich build stoves, grills and fireplaces with a design touch. I got the image from their site and added soapstone, the result is very raw giving an outdoor look. I love it. Take a look on their fireplace portfolio.


from Wittus

Soapstone Design Ideas – Bathroom Part 10

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One of my favorite posts is SOAPSTONE IDEAS, this gorgeous bathroom is a combination of great flooring choice and incredible bathtub , from Mastella company.

Its good to remember that natural light is very important to keep balance between the colors, as you can see contemporany elements like this masterpiece bathtub, brings modernity to itself and for the whole ambient.

Again, I took the picture from the web and added soapstone by myself.


from Mastella

Soapstone Vase

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Countertops, cookware, tiles, flooring, fireplaces and…. vases. What? That’s right vase for plants. Its easy to maintenance, very easy to clean , and when you put some water the vase will keep the same temperature as before. I think it could be beautiful if you choose the right plant and a cool garden design style. Boulder Exports does not produce soapstone vase, but if you need any kind of cut, like vases or something,  feel free to send your skecth.


Bathtub or Interior Pool – Soapstone Ideas

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Sometimes when you are surfing online you may found some incredible stuff. I was looking for some minimalist bathroom and I’ve found this amazing interior pool, and don’t say ” why not bathtub?”. This master piece from Kos is the perfect piece that I’ve been  looking. Soapstone gives a stylist and smooth ambient. Boulder Exports can provide full slabs for any big project like this one.

I took this picture from Kos website and added soapstone just to show how great it could be done.


from Kos