Boulder Exports – About us

Hi ! My name is Lucas Rocha and I’ve been working at Boulder Exports since 2005. This blog will show the market around soapstone. Besides soapstone I have an Art Direction degree and I will try to mix all together. I will show the best websites , cool interior design photos and all around my business. We export the highest quality of soapstone worldwide.

We are specialized in slabs, blocks and rough blocks. With a staff that is highly qualified in international business we want to increase your company product’s portfolio with our soapstone and granite.

Quality and professionalism is our core business strategy, so you’ll get the best products and services that cater to each individual needs. At Bolder Exports, we believe the relationship with our clients must be extremely close in order to guarantee better results.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your specification needs. We will promptly reply to your request sending pictures of the stones, prices and other details based on the stone that you are looking for.


One Response to “Boulder Exports – About us”

  1. I went to stoneadvise tonight to start some research on soapstone because I have a client that just spoke to me this afternoon about really wanting soapstone. I am in Northern CA, so anything you have for me would be great, i.e. suppliers, pictures of the stones you have, etc. Thanks.

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