Unbelievable and Creative Fireplaces

Yesterday I was surfing online and I found this unbelievable and Creative wall-mount fireplaces. The french  Arkiane is a contemporany fireplace company thats  put the fireplace design in other level. The design is inspired by a god of the ancient Incas.I took the images from their website and I added soapstone by myself just to show another use for soapstone/fireplace spots. If I already known how my bathroom will be , now I know how my fireplace it will looks like.




From Arkiane


~ by Lucas Rocha on December 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Unbelievable and Creative Fireplaces”

  1. I would like some information on the Icaya Fireplace by Arkiane. I think it’s beautiful and the design is exquisit, so what are the dementions, availability, price. Do you have one on display in Southern California?

    • hi jeannie .. im on vacations right now…but i be back in 4 days…i{ll send you an email with all info okay….

      peace and best regards

    • Hi Jeannie

      I am back. I work only with soapstone . I wrote about Arkiane cuz as you saw their products are amazing, and as soapstone goes well when its use as fireplace or so i thought thats a perfect match.

      You can hit the Arkiane link under the post or you can google.

      Best Regards

      Lucas Rocha

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