Soapstone Cookware

I’ve tried to cook with soapstone cookware a few times and I guarantee, is delicious!!!
Some people say that soapstone was the first material chosen to use like a cookware, and after centuries its still the same.

Soapstone is durable, and perfect for cooking. It is perfect for low fat, healthy cooking, has been in use for centuries. Is perfect for fast cooking at high temperatures or slow cooking on barely a flame. Keeps foods hot or cold much longer than metal cookware.

Before the first cook you must cure through a one-time seasoning process of oil and heat. Curing also strengthens the cookware, and it will bring the natural stone color. It will not react to food acids; there is no breakdown, or imparted odor or taste.

I should remember you all that Boulder Exports does not work with cookware, but working on this field I may have some contacts to indicate.

Take a look on this examples…

From 125West

From GMS

From Finnish Soapstone


~ by Lucas Rocha on September 25, 2008.

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