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Located in Dubrobin, Ontario, Canada on the shores of Ottawa River, project architect Samantha Schneider of Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. designed this riverside home. Soapstone can add a great atmosphere into the kitchen. I love the palette colors white, metal and soapstone. So simple and harmonic. modern-riverside-home-christopher-simmonds-architect-8-kitchen-thumb-630xauto-46033 modern-riverside-home-christopher-simmonds-architect-10-kitchen-thumb-630xauto-46037

Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc  


We are back !!!

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Soapstone House

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This post goes to any soapstone addicted ( like me i think ). I found this house built with an incredible stone wall. Using my imagination and of course photoshop, I added soapstone on the wall and the result is beautifull.


Soapstone Design Ideas – Bathroom Part 11

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Sometimes when you are in doubt about where or when you could use soapstone, you take a chance to do a design mistake. You already heard that old sentence : Less is more. So, this applies over here.

If you have a small bathroom or you cant aford a soapstone bathtub , you may like this tip. Take only a small soapstobe slab and use as bathtub deck/platoform. This bathroom layout will increase the white color from any detail, like this amazing acrilic bathtub from Calyx, and will put your bath in another style level. I love it.

from Calyx

Welcome 2010 !!!

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After two months off, I’m back. I went to Portugal to visit a friend and relax a little bit.

….so….its time to work hard , study the market , search for news, fight for clients…

…welcome 2010….


Lucas Rocha

Soapstone around the world…

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During my researches I always look for all kinds of new clients, new countries to search, what’s news on the market, and others possibilities uses for soapstone. After searching a while I ended with some new words in my vocabulary. Europe, America, Asia…. soapstone around the world.

Pedra sabão – Portuguese
Soapstone – English
Pierre à Savon – French
Piedra Jabon – Spanish
鸡血石   – Chinese
Pietra Ollare – Italian
Schneiderkreide – Deutsch

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There are fireplaces which work on a special fuel and allow to admire the beauty of real fire without any smoke or smell. One of the most interesting models are portable fireplaces. They are quite compact so you could put them in any place in the house. These models can be done with soapstone. Below you could see some modern outdoor fireplaces which could perfectly decorate any garden.